What is the basic screening process for SWIFT-Active Screener?

The typical process for screening is to read the title and abstract, answer the optional questions, and indicate whether a specific reference should be included or excluded. As soon as you’ve made a choice for the required “Inclusion/Exclusion” question, the “Save and Next” button will be enabled. When you click the “Save and Next” button, the application will immediately show you the next reference, where you will repeat the same screening process.

Review: Typical Screening Process in SWIFT-Active Screener

  • Select the “Screen References” icon
  • Click “Detailed Screening”
  • Read Title and Abstract
    • Tip: Click “Display Instructions” to view detailed screening instructions
  • Answer the required Inclusion/Exclusion Question
  • Answer Optional Question(s)
  • Click “Save and Next” to continue and review the next reference