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Sciome LLC is an innovative research and technology consulting company providing state of the art informatics solutions for the life sciences industry. We specialize in developing and deploying novel bioinformatics, cheminformatics, text-mining and data science solutions for researchers in government, academic and private sector organizations.

High throughput technologies are routinely used to study genomes, proteomes and metabolomes creating a deluge of scientific data. In addition, large volumes of data are available via electronic health records, clinical study reports, government reports, high content images, and the ever increasing amount of scientific literature in peer reviewed journals and on the World Wide Web. Success of scientific endeavors in such data rich environments greatly depends on the careful exploration and interpretation of this data. This has created a large demand for sophisticated tools and highly skilled expertise to enable data-driven discovery.

Our goal is to provide cutting edge, customized and cost effective informatics solutions for efficient data management, data analyses and interpretation. We develop novel quantitative methodologies, design and deliver intuitive software tools, and deploy efficient computational techniques to enable timely and insightful discoveries.

Our mission is to enable science via analytical informatics.

What We Do

We use comprehensive and cutting edge quantitative methods paired with efficient informatics techniques to solve complex scientific challenges. We work with our clients at all stages of the life science discovery process, starting with hypotheses generation and experiment design, through data analysis using off-the-shelf and custom designed methodologies and culminating with expert help in interpretation of the results. We also provide detailed support for manuscript preparation, formulation of reports, and aid in the dissemination of information using print or online medium for projects that cover a variety of scientific disciplines. Our consulting team includes PhD level Bioinformatics Scientists, Statisticians, Cheminformaticians, Computational Toxicologists, Health Scientists and Computer Scientists with a wide array of experience in government contracting, academic research and the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Next-Generation Sequence data analysis
  • Microarray data analysis
  • Structural & Functional genomics
  • SNP/Genotype analysis & GWAS
  • Biostatistics and Mathematical Modeling


  • Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) modeling
  • Computational Toxicity Predictions
  • Active site and Protein-Protein Docking
  • Pharmacophore Modeling

Text-Mining and Literature Review

  • Document Tagging and Visualization
  • Full-Text Conversion and Search
  • Document Clustering, Ranking & Classification
  • Literature Prioritization and Screening
  • Data extraction
  • rapid Evidence Mapping (rEM) and systematic reviews
  • Web mining and information retrieval

Data Science and Analytics

  • Integration and visualization of large volumes of heterogeneous data
  • Development and implementation of Deep Learning methodologies for predictive science
  • Automated Image analysis using artificial intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods using Deep Learning

Software Development

  • Requirements gathering
  • Software architecture design
  • User interface design
  • Implementation, deployment and maintenance
  • User support
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Who We Are

We are a light hearted, hardworking, multi-disciplinary team of scientists who enjoy diverse technical challenges and love to work in a team. We share a passion for varied scientific disciplines and we love to learn, experiment and innovate.

The Sciome team has a diverse background in helping organizations and individual scientists succeed in solving scientific challenges.

  • Around half of our team members have PhDs in disciplines such as Bioinformatics, Statistics, Chemistry and Toxicology. Approximately 80% of our team members possess a Master’s degree.
  • We publish routinely in high impact scientific journals (over 160 publications) such as Nature, Science, Nature Genetics and many more.
  • Our team represents more than 175 years of combined work experience in scientific consulting, software development and research.
  • We present at varied scientific conferences, develop interactive scientific software applications and participate in collaborative scientific endeavors.

We develop novel quantitative methodologies, design and deliver intuitive software tools, and deploy efficient computational techniques to enable timely and insightful discoveries.

Who We Serve

We get hired to solve complex, unique and/or recurring scientific challenges. Our consulting engagements range from multiyear research endeavors in support of environmental or health related topics to short term data mining projects in support of specific scientific pursuits. We continue to serve a variety of US Federal Government agencies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, non-profit research organizations and academic institutes.

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Non-profit Logos

21st Century Creations     |    Argos Therapeutics     |     British American Tobacco    |     Endacea
     Family Health Network     |     First Flight     |     GSK     |    Integrated Laboratory Systems
Proctor & Gamble    |     Reynolds    |     Scikon Innovations     |     Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.

Software We Support

SWIFT-Active Screener is a web-based, collaborative systematic review software application. Active Screener was designed to be easy-to-use, incorporating a simple, but powerful, graphical user interface with rich project status updates.

BMDExpress was created for the purpose of providing an easy workflow to transform toxicogenomic data into BenchMark Doses for aggregated collections of genes; KEGG pathways, GO terms, or user defined categories.

SWIFT-Review (SWIFT is an acronym for “Sciome Workbench for Interactive computer-Facilitated Text-mining”) is a freely available interactive workbench which provides numerous tools to assist with problem formulation and literature prioritization.

Comprehensive analysis of TempO-Seq data using novel, validated and robust bioinformatics methods. Upload raw Tempo-Seq data and instantaneously obtain in-depth analysis including cluster plots, principal component plots, differentially expressed gene list, and pathway analysis.

The Integrated Chemical Environment (ICE) provides high-quality, curated data from the National Toxicology Program Interagency Center for the Evaluation of Alternative Toxicological Methods (NICEATM) and its partners as well as other data resources and tools to support development of new approaches for assessing chemical safety.

Sciome employs a highly talented team of software engineers and scientific programmers. This development team works closely with Sciome scientists, mathematicians and statisticians to design and implement interactive software solutions that solve important problems on behalf of our clients.

Latest Publications

Merrick BA, Phadke DP, Bostrom MA, Shah RR, Wright GM, Wang X, Gordon O, Pelch KE, Auerbach SS, Paules RS, DeVito MJ, Waalkes MP, Tokar EJ (2019). “Arsenite malignantly transforms human prostate epithelial cells in vitro by gene amplification of mutated KRAS.” PLoS One; 14(4), e0215504
Lam J, Howard BE, Thayer K, Shah RR (2019). “Low-calorie sweeteners and health outcomes: A demonstration of rapid evidence mapping (rEM).” Environment International; 123:451-458
Balik-Meisner MR, Mav D, Phadke DP, Everett L, Shah RR, Tal T, Shepard PJ, Merrick BA, Paules RS (2019). “Development of a Zebrafish S1500+ Sentinel Gene Set for High-Throughput Transcriptomics.” Zebrafish
Ramaiahgari SC, Auerbach SS, Saddler TO, Rice JR, Dunlap PE, Sipes NS, DeVito MJ, Shah RR, Bushel PR, Merrick BA, Paules RS, Ferguson SS. (2019). “The Power of Resolution: Contextualized Understanding of Biological Responses to Liver Injury Chemicals using High-throughput Transcriptomics and Benchmark Concentration Modeling.” Toxicological Sciences
Hubbard TD, Hsieh JH, Rider CV, Sipes NS, Sedykh A, Collins BJ, Auerbach SS, Xia M, Huang R, Walker NJ, DeVito MJ (2019). “Using Tox21 High-Throughput Screening Assays for the Evaluation of Botanical and Dietary Supplements.” Applied in vitro toxicology; 5(1)
Yan X, Sedykh A, Wang W, Zhao X, Yan B, Zhu H (2019). “In silico profiling nanoparticles: predictive nanomodeling using universal nanodescriptors and various machine learning approaches.” Nanoscale; 11(17): 8352-8362

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