What is the Ranked References Report?

The Ranked References Report shows the references in order of likelihood of being “included” predicted by the machine learning model (assuming you have selected predicted relevance for your reference presentation method and the model has been built once). The order will keep changing as the model keeps rebuilding itself as screeners include/exclude references.

The ranked references report also shows the status of each reference in training the model as well as the current status. Any references that have not been screened will not have been used to train the machine learning model and their “Status in Training” will appear as “None” and their “Current Status” will appear as “Not Screened.”

“Rank” only matters for the references which are NOT part of the training set. So, for already screened references that are part of the training set, “rank” is just a random number. All other references will be ranked according to the machine learning model prediction. The Ranked References report can be exported as a .csv file.