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SWIFT-Review Manuscript Published in Systematic Reviews Journal

We have just published a new manuscript about our SWIFT-Review software in the journal Systematic Reviews! 

 SWIFT-Review (SWIFT is an acronym for “Sciome Workbench for Interactive computer-Facilitated Text-mining”) is a freely available, interactive workbench which provides numerous tools to assist with problem formulation and literature prioritization. SWIFT-Review puts the systematic review expert in the driver’s seat by providing several features that can be used to search, categorize, and prioritize large (or small) bodies of literature in an interactive manner. SWIFT-Review utilizes newly developed statistical text mining and machine learning methods that allow users to uncover over-represented topics within the literature corpus and to rank order documents for manual screening.

In the paper, we assess the performance of the SWIFT-Review priority ranking algorithm for identifying studies relevant to a given research question. In addition, we also explore the use of SWIFT-Review during problem to identify and visualize research areas that are data rich/data poor within a large literature corpus.  For details about how to download and install this free software, please visit

If you would like to learn more about how you can use SWIFT-Review and other text mining techniques to meet your unique literature mining needs, please contact us at We are happy to further illustrate the utility of our text mining capabilities via a webinar, brainstorm with you about your specific project requirements, and discuss how Sciome’s literature research services can help you with your research.