Ruchir Shah at EU-ToxRisk Workshop 2018
On: November 2, 2018

Sciome has developed a detailed bioinformatics workflow for analysis of TempO-Seq data. TempO-Seq is a targeted transcriptomics platform recently developed by BioSpyder that is particularly well-suited for high-throughput transcriptomic (HTT) assays in chemical safety screening. TempO-Seq measures gene expression from individual gene-specific probes using next-generation sequencing, allowing analysis of substantially more samples at a fixed cost compared to traditional RNA-Seq methods. Dr. Ruchir Shah of Sciome taught a session on best practices for TempO-Seq data analysis during a workshop hosted by EU-Tox-Risk. His session highlighted the use of Sciome’s GENIE workflow for start-to-finish analysis of TempO-Seq data and discussed the informatics rationale for each step of the process. Also included in the workshop, among other presentations, was a hands on demonstration by Dr. Scott Auerbach of NTP on the use of BMDExpress software for dose response modeling of transcriptomics data. The workshop was spearheaded by Dr. Bob van de Water and was attended by approximately forty participants from European universities, research institutes, and various companies.