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SWIFT-Active Screener is a web-based, collaborative systematic review software application. Active Screener was designed to be easy-to-use, incorporating a simple, but powerful, graphical user interface with rich project status updates. What makes Active Screener special, however, is its behind-the-scenes application of state-of-the-art statistical models designed to save screeners time and effort by automatically prioritizing articles as they are reviewed, using user feedback to push the most relevant articles to the top of the list.

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How Active Screener Works for You

As screening proceeds, reviewers include or exclude articles while an underlying statistical model automatically computes which of the remaining unscreened documents are most likely to be relevant. This “Active Learning” model is continuously updated during screening, improving its performance with each article reviewed. Meanwhile, a separate statistical model estimates the number of relevant articles remaining in the unscreened document list. Together, the combination of the two models allows users to screen relevant documents sooner and provides them with accurate feedback about their progress. Using this approach, the vast majority of relevant articles can often be discovered after reviewing only a fraction of the total number of articles. This can result in a significant time and cost savings for you and your team, especially for large projects.

For more information about SWIFT-Active Screener and other Sciome products and services, please contact us at swift-activescreener@sciome.com.


To use Active Screener, please contact us at swift-activescreener@sciome.com


Sciome was honored to participate in the recent 4th International Symposium on Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Laboratory Animal Studies on August 24-25, 2017 in RTP, NC. Our team’s work to create new tools and methods to automate and accelerate systematic review was featured in a number of presentations, including several posters that highlight SWIFT-Review and SWIFT-Active Screener. It was a pleasure to meet many of our active users in person and to learn more about your systematic review projects!

User-Friendly Project Creation

Hit the ground running! Quickly and easily create screening projects, including data extraction questions to fit most any study design, without the need to sit through hours of tutorial videos or read dozens of pages in a user manual.

Real Time Team Collaboration

Active Screener allows teams to collaborate using a web-based interface which will enable your group to perform a systematic review anywhere, anytime. This flexibility allows for easy progress sharing and makes team communication easier to manage.

Project Progress

Active Screener’s project management tools make it easy to view your team’s progress as your systematic review is underway.

Conflict Resolution

Active Screener tracks screening conflicts and allows you to resolve them quickly and efficiently so that you can complete your review without delay.

Data Integration

Active Screener integrates with all of the systematic review tools that you already use. It accepts imports from many of the most popular bibliographic databases and reference curation platforms including EndNote, Mendeley, Zotaro, PubMed, and SWIFT-Review. Results from screening activities in Active Screener can also be exported in standard data formats compatible with a wide range of applications including EndNote, Mendeley, Zotaro, PubMed, HAWC and Excel.

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